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SEO Bully Review – An Honest Look

Wondering if SEO Bully is really for you?

Looking for a review from someone who’s actually purchased the SEO-Bully course by Jason Benfield?

Good, because this review was written with you in mind.

Shall we get started?

At A Glance Review Of SEO Bully

SEO Bully Method ReviewedAfter watching the first video of the SEO Bully course you can already see you’ve made the right decision. Jason’s created 17 videos walking you through the basics of an SEO affiliate promotion he’s done giving you an inside out perspective of what you need to do.

It’s nice to actually see inside of a working campaign instead of just reading a vague manual telling you to go do this and that and you’ll get these results.

Each video covers a specific topic and actually shows you how to take the necessary steps to succeed.

The basic topics covered include:

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Creating Content That Actually Sells
  • How To Take That Content And Create Massive Backlinks and Selling Opportunities
  • Outsourcing Like A Pro

Remember: Those are the basic topics, he really goes into a lot of depth on each topic and actually shows you how to take the steps.

A Perfect example of this is the cool trick he gives you in Video #8 Quick and Easy Video, that takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a video from your article using tools you probably already have.

Look the truth is that you probably already know most of these methods, but you have never seen them put together in such an easy to follow fashion that actually makes you want to do them.

The real benefit of SEO Bully is having a system to follow, one that you can replicate time and again and see results.

I recommend that you invest in this course and reap the benefits…

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What’s Included?

The SEO-Bully Course Includes:

  • Choosing Your Keywords – (9:21)
  • Click Through Strategies – (20:47)
  • Endless Content – (8:02)
  • Web 2.0 Competition Crusher – (6:48)
  • Mass Submitting Articles – (4:41)
  • Article To Audio – (5:21)
  • Push Button Podcast – (4:28) – This is one section I really enjoyed, because if you’ve ever tried to get a podcast up this one simple trick could be worth the cost of the course.
  • Quick and Easy Video – (4:39) – He actually walks you through video creation…
  • Video Distribution – (5:27)
  • Mystery Video 1 – (4:20) – I don’t want to give the following techniques away because they are too valuable if you don’t know them.
  • Mystery Video 2 – (6:17) – More leverage…
  • Leverage Part 1 – (2:37) – This video isn’t about outsourcing, but is about leveraging your work to umpteenth degree
  • Leverage Part 2 – (6:10) – More on this…
  • RSS Domination – (2:34)
  • Social Bookmarking – (2:12)
  • Easy Instant Traffic Technique – (2:35)
  • Outsourcing – (6:16)
  • The simplified main manual – 12 pages – really just a quick reference to the videos

What SEO Bully Is And Isn’t

While SEO Bully is a great course teaching how to go about an affiliate promotion, it isn’t a comprehensive course on building backlinks to your site. The suggested methods will help your rankings but they don’t include forum and profile linking strategies, link wheels or any of those methods.

What it will help you do is maximize your content to get the most mileage from it.

This is something we all need to learn because creating quality content isn’t easy and you can really focus on getting 1 quality piece done and then marketing it on steroids with this system.

If you had to summarize the SEO Bully Method it could be summed up in 5 words

Maximum Distribution In Minimum Time

What this means for you is increased affiliate commissions because the more points of contact through different channels you have with potential customers the more likely they are to buy from you.

Who’s It For?

SEO Bully is for anyone looking to increase their internet marketing exposure. If you’ve been looking for a simple, easy to use system for funneling customers into your affiliate promotions this is for you.

I don’t recommend seasoned pro’s purchase this course, although you may learn a few tips and tricks to make your affiliate offers run more smoothly or quickly.

Newbies and Intermediate Internet Marketers are most likely to benefit from the course.

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