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Box Shot 3D Review

Wondering if Box Shot 3d  is worth it?

In this post I’m going to be reviewing Box Shot 3D and demonstrating some of the advantages of using it over the traditional way.

Let’s get started…

What Does Box Shot 3D Do?

Box Shot 3D ReviewBox Shot 3D is a piece of software designed to render 3D Boxes for Reports, Ebooks, and even Software. You simply design an ecover in your favorite photo editing software and then feed it into Box Shot 3D which will take it from there allowing you to create realistic Ebook Covers, Spiral Bound Notebooks, Software Boxes and more…

It takes the images you feed it and adds realistic lighting and shadowing rendering them into a 3D Box.

Who’s It For?

Boxshot 3D is a great program for anyone looking to create high quality realistic looking boxes. The only problem is that it doesn’t design the Ecover for you, but this is relatively simple if you search around for a few tutorials and try them out.

Where Box Shot 3D really shines is if you have the skills to design a great looking cover but don’t want to purchase an Action Script for Photoshop or fool around with Perspectives in Gimp, which never really turn out right anyway.

I know my first one looked horrible…

Here’s my first cover created solely in GIMP


Here’s the same cover created in GIMP but rendered with Box Shot 3D


The only difference is the second one is rendered in Boxshot 3D, as you can see the differences are astounding.

Not only did it take me much less time to design and then render the ecover it just looks so much better using Box Shot 3D for Mac.

What are you waiting for?

Give Box Shot 3D A Free Trial And See For Yourself!!!

The Negatives of BoxShot 3D

The only downsides are that the render times can sometimes be a bit long and it can be slow to make changes within the program. However if you’re rendering smaller images or have a faster system than I do (very probable) it will run much smoother for you.

I know once you try it out you’ll love it!

Try Box Shot 3D Today For Free!!!

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