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7 Dollar Script Review – How Easy Is It?

What is the $7 Dollar Script?

7 Dollar Secrets EbookThe 7 Dollar Script was invented a few years back by an internet marketing guru by the name of Jonathan Leger (most recognized for creating 3 way links network).  The basic purpose of the 7 Dollar Script is to help you create an entire order process using Paypal, complete with One-Time-Offer (OTO), Auto-Generated Paypal Button, easy affiliate management, and a protected download page including email opt-in.

It’s designed to create your order system quickly and easily…

I don’t think the script is available for purchase by itself but it comes with the $7 Dollar Secrets report which offers some great advice on implementing the script including building your list with 7 dollar ebooks, which don’t necessarily have to be priced at $7.

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What does $7 Dollar Secrets Include?

  • 33 Page 7 Dollar Secrets Manual
  • Easy To Use 7 Dollar Secrets Script
  • 22 Page 7 Dollar Script Manual

Does $7 Dollar Secrets Work?

I would say that yes it does work.  I originally purchased the $7 Secrets course including the 7 Dollar Script so long ago that I don’t even remember purchasing it.  Recently when exploring my options for creating a complete ordering process including one-time-offer and quick and safe digital delivery of items I remembered I had purchased the script.

I decided to wipe off that digital dust and put it to work.

The install was relatively simple and Don Morris (the current owner) has put together a great report on how to get everything working.

I did have a bit of trouble getting it working the first time but the 7 Dollar Forum offers great support and resolved all of my problems within a day.

Needless to say but subsequent installs were much easier…

The Ups and Downs of Using The 7 Dollar Script

While using the 7 Dollar Script offers a great way to create a complete ordering process there are some downsides and I would be remiss not to mention them.

The first challenge is refunds.  The way the system works is when you offer affiliates commissions, say 50%, it automatically splits the sales so the first one would go to you and then the next one to the affiliate.  It’s designed this way to stay on the good side of Paypal so it’s a good thing.

However if someone refunds on the affiliate’s turn you’re left out in the cold, so it’s wise to plan ahead for that contingency.

The next challenge is the installation process, which can be a bit techie at times.  Don has somewhat rectified this problem with an automatic install which will walk you through everything once it’s on the server.

This may not bother you, but you will need to know how to upload files to the web, change permissions and be good at following directions.  If you can’t follow directions or don’t know how to do that stuff I recommend you hire someone on the forum and get them to install it for you, or use a web-based interface like E-Junkie.

The final challenge is getting people to opt-in to your buyers list.  To stay on the safe side of Paypal and Aweber you can’t automatically force them to opt-in but rather have to entice them with an extra special bonus offer.  Just thought you should know about this.

Despite these challenges I think the 7 Dollar Script is a great way to protect your downloads and create a working order process for low end items.  There may be more extensive and easier to use programs to accomplish the same thing but I doubt you can find one as inexpensive as the Seven Dollar Script.

I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you want to setup a simple order process for a cheap list building product, with a OTO and affiliate capability.

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