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7 Dollar Script Review – How Easy Is It?

What is the $7 Dollar Script?

7 Dollar Secrets EbookThe 7 Dollar Script was invented a few years back by an internet marketing guru by the name of Jonathan Leger (most recognized for creating 3 way links network).  The basic purpose of the 7 Dollar Script is to help you create an entire order process using Paypal, complete with One-Time-Offer (OTO), Auto-Generated Paypal Button, easy affiliate management, and a protected download page including email opt-in.

It’s designed to create your order system quickly and easily…

I don’t think the script is available for purchase by itself but it comes with the $7 Dollar Secrets report which offers some great advice on implementing the script including building your list with 7 dollar ebooks, which don’t necessarily have to be priced at $7.

Click Here To Learn More About 7 Dollar Secrets

What does $7 Dollar Secrets Include?

  • 33 Page 7 Dollar Secrets Manual
  • Easy To Use 7 Dollar Secrets Script
  • 22 Page 7 Dollar Script Manual

Does $7 Dollar Secrets Work?

I would say that yes it does work.  I originally purchased the $7 Secrets course including the 7 Dollar Script so long ago that I don’t even remember purchasing it.  Recently when exploring my options for creating a complete ordering process including one-time-offer and quick and safe digital delivery of items I remembered I had purchased the script.

I decided to wipe off that digital dust and put it to work.

The install was relatively simple and Don Morris (the current owner) has put together a great report on how to get everything working.

I did have a bit of trouble getting it working the first time but the 7 Dollar Forum offers great support and resolved all of my problems within a day.

Needless to say but subsequent installs were much easier…

The Ups and Downs of Using The 7 Dollar Script

While using the 7 Dollar Script offers a great way to create a complete ordering process there are some downsides and I would be remiss not to mention them.

The first challenge is refunds.  The way the system works is when you offer affiliates commissions, say 50%, it automatically splits the sales so the first one would go to you and then the next one to the affiliate.  It’s designed this way to stay on the good side of Paypal so it’s a good thing.

However if someone refunds on the affiliate’s turn you’re left out in the cold, so it’s wise to plan ahead for that contingency.

The next challenge is the installation process, which can be a bit techie at times.  Don has somewhat rectified this problem with an automatic install which will walk you through everything once it’s on the server.

This may not bother you, but you will need to know how to upload files to the web, change permissions and be good at following directions.  If you can’t follow directions or don’t know how to do that stuff I recommend you hire someone on the forum and get them to install it for you, or use a web-based interface like E-Junkie.

The final challenge is getting people to opt-in to your buyers list.  To stay on the safe side of Paypal and Aweber you can’t automatically force them to opt-in but rather have to entice them with an extra special bonus offer.  Just thought you should know about this.

Despite these challenges I think the 7 Dollar Script is a great way to protect your downloads and create a working order process for low end items.  There may be more extensive and easier to use programs to accomplish the same thing but I doubt you can find one as inexpensive as the Seven Dollar Script.

I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you want to setup a simple order process for a cheap list building product, with a OTO and affiliate capability.

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Box Shot 3D Review

Wondering if Box Shot 3d  is worth it?

In this post I’m going to be reviewing Box Shot 3D and demonstrating some of the advantages of using it over the traditional way.

Let’s get started…

What Does Box Shot 3D Do?

Box Shot 3D ReviewBox Shot 3D is a piece of software designed to render 3D Boxes for Reports, Ebooks, and even Software. You simply design an ecover in your favorite photo editing software and then feed it into Box Shot 3D which will take it from there allowing you to create realistic Ebook Covers, Spiral Bound Notebooks, Software Boxes and more…

It takes the images you feed it and adds realistic lighting and shadowing rendering them into a 3D Box.

Who’s It For?

Boxshot 3D is a great program for anyone looking to create high quality realistic looking boxes. The only problem is that it doesn’t design the Ecover for you, but this is relatively simple if you search around for a few tutorials and try them out.

Where Box Shot 3D really shines is if you have the skills to design a great looking cover but don’t want to purchase an Action Script for Photoshop or fool around with Perspectives in Gimp, which never really turn out right anyway.

I know my first one looked horrible…

Here’s my first cover created solely in GIMP


Here’s the same cover created in GIMP but rendered with Box Shot 3D


The only difference is the second one is rendered in Boxshot 3D, as you can see the differences are astounding.

Not only did it take me much less time to design and then render the ecover it just looks so much better using Box Shot 3D for Mac.

What are you waiting for?

Give Box Shot 3D A Free Trial And See For Yourself!!!

The Negatives of BoxShot 3D

The only downsides are that the render times can sometimes be a bit long and it can be slow to make changes within the program. However if you’re rendering smaller images or have a faster system than I do (very probable) it will run much smoother for you.

I know once you try it out you’ll love it!

Try Box Shot 3D Today For Free!!!

SEO Bully Review – An Honest Look

Wondering if SEO Bully is really for you?

Looking for a review from someone who’s actually purchased the SEO-Bully course by Jason Benfield?

Good, because this review was written with you in mind.

Shall we get started?

At A Glance Review Of SEO Bully

SEO Bully Method ReviewedAfter watching the first video of the SEO Bully course you can already see you’ve made the right decision. Jason’s created 17 videos walking you through the basics of an SEO affiliate promotion he’s done giving you an inside out perspective of what you need to do.

It’s nice to actually see inside of a working campaign instead of just reading a vague manual telling you to go do this and that and you’ll get these results.

Each video covers a specific topic and actually shows you how to take the necessary steps to succeed.

The basic topics covered include:

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Creating Content That Actually Sells
  • How To Take That Content And Create Massive Backlinks and Selling Opportunities
  • Outsourcing Like A Pro

Remember: Those are the basic topics, he really goes into a lot of depth on each topic and actually shows you how to take the steps.

A Perfect example of this is the cool trick he gives you in Video #8 Quick and Easy Video, that takes you by the hand and shows you how to create a video from your article using tools you probably already have.

Look the truth is that you probably already know most of these methods, but you have never seen them put together in such an easy to follow fashion that actually makes you want to do them.

The real benefit of SEO Bully is having a system to follow, one that you can replicate time and again and see results.

I recommend that you invest in this course and reap the benefits…

Click Here To Learn More…

What’s Included?

The SEO-Bully Course Includes:

  • Choosing Your Keywords – (9:21)
  • Click Through Strategies – (20:47)
  • Endless Content – (8:02)
  • Web 2.0 Competition Crusher – (6:48)
  • Mass Submitting Articles – (4:41)
  • Article To Audio – (5:21)
  • Push Button Podcast – (4:28) – This is one section I really enjoyed, because if you’ve ever tried to get a podcast up this one simple trick could be worth the cost of the course.
  • Quick and Easy Video – (4:39) – He actually walks you through video creation…
  • Video Distribution – (5:27)
  • Mystery Video 1 – (4:20) – I don’t want to give the following techniques away because they are too valuable if you don’t know them.
  • Mystery Video 2 – (6:17) – More leverage…
  • Leverage Part 1 – (2:37) – This video isn’t about outsourcing, but is about leveraging your work to umpteenth degree
  • Leverage Part 2 – (6:10) – More on this…
  • RSS Domination – (2:34)
  • Social Bookmarking – (2:12)
  • Easy Instant Traffic Technique – (2:35)
  • Outsourcing – (6:16)
  • The simplified main manual – 12 pages – really just a quick reference to the videos

What SEO Bully Is And Isn’t

While SEO Bully is a great course teaching how to go about an affiliate promotion, it isn’t a comprehensive course on building backlinks to your site. The suggested methods will help your rankings but they don’t include forum and profile linking strategies, link wheels or any of those methods.

What it will help you do is maximize your content to get the most mileage from it.

This is something we all need to learn because creating quality content isn’t easy and you can really focus on getting 1 quality piece done and then marketing it on steroids with this system.

If you had to summarize the SEO Bully Method it could be summed up in 5 words

Maximum Distribution In Minimum Time

What this means for you is increased affiliate commissions because the more points of contact through different channels you have with potential customers the more likely they are to buy from you.

Who’s It For?

SEO Bully is for anyone looking to increase their internet marketing exposure. If you’ve been looking for a simple, easy to use system for funneling customers into your affiliate promotions this is for you.

I don’t recommend seasoned pro’s purchase this course, although you may learn a few tips and tricks to make your affiliate offers run more smoothly or quickly.

Newbies and Intermediate Internet Marketers are most likely to benefit from the course.

Click Here To Learn More About SEO Bully

Time Management Secrets – 3 Tips

What causes more consternation than the topic of “Time Management”?

I mean we all know we should do it but how many of us are really good at managing the time we’re given?

In this post I’m going to show you 3 of the top time management secrets you can use right now to get more done in less time.

Ready to start?

The first tip is to bulk similar tasks and do them all at once. By bulking similar tasks your brain programs itself to do them more efficiently. It doesn’t have to change gears and expend precious minutes thinking of what to do next.

The second tip is to get yourself an egg timer, I myself use a handy timer right on my computer called Timer Utility by JR Productions. By using a timer you set a deadline in your head for how much time you’ve allotted to the task at hand. Naturally you’ll race to beat the deadline, especially if you’ve set it a little short.

Remember: Keep your timer sessions between 30 minutes to an hour, and then take a mandatory break between 5 and 10 minutes. This will keep you fresh and ready to go.

The third tip is to work at a fast pace. If you’re typing type furiously, if you’re talking, talk fast, whatever it is do it as quickly as possible. As you practice this you’ll find yourself completing your tasks much quicker and much easier because you’re so used to doing them in that manner.

Don’t forget to slow down and unwind at the end of your work period, otherwise you’ll be heading for collapse.

If you’ll implement the above steps you’ll start to notice an immediate benefit just by trying them out. Your time working will be better spent and you’ll get more done.

Click Here For More Tips For Internet Marketing Time Management

Time Management On Crack Review

Have you been looking to purchase Time Management On Crack but are unsure if it’s really for you?


Because this Time Management On Crack Review was written just for you.

Shall we get started?

TMOC by Robert Plank is a compilation of his best kept secrets on how he accomplishes so much with so little time. It’s a short 22 page single space take action see results report.

Robert Plank is worth listening to because he worked a full time job as a PHP programmer and still managed to get more done than the average full time internet entrepreneur.

My immediate recommendation is to buy and use it, it will help you.

Click Here For More Information On Time Management On Crack

At A Glance Overview of Time Management On Crack

  • 22 Page Manual – Single Space, 11,713 words (Note: This was version 1, it’s now compacted and reworked to under 10,000 words to help you get even more done!)
  • Specifically Designed With Internet Marketing Challenges In Mind
  • Covers His Systems For: Accountability, Outsourcing, Work Timing, Article Writing, Sales Letter Creation, Blogging, Autoresponders, Video Marketing

Cost: $57.00

The article writing section alone is worth the cost of the book, but he doesn’t stop there he also includes tips and tricks on Blogging, Video Creation, Autoresponders and more…

The Negatives of TMOC

It’s a little bit hard to read because so much is packed into so little space. To get the maximum benefit you’ll have to read it a couple of times to process everything.

I recommend taking notes on what you can immediately implement in your life and business and then coming back later with pen in hand for another read after you’ve had some success.

Who Should Buy It?

I recommend anyone who is struggling with Time Budgeting and Management in their business. This is not a report for you if you don’t produce your own articles, videos, autoresponders or sales letters – although you will still get some valuable tips.

It’s also not the report for you if you have trouble taking action and implementing new systems, but it could be the jolt your business needs to get up and running.

Click Here To Buy Time Management On Crack

How To Write An Article In 7 Minutes

other-time-015.pngWriting an article in 7 minutes can seem like a pipe dream when you’re first starting out, especially if you spend 30 minutes to an hour perfecting each article.

In this post I’m going to explore 3 quick tips to help you get to that elusive 7 minute article

Tip 1: Segment your article writing into little pre-done templates. This is the main trick to writing fast, if your mind has a set template it can follow you can automatically input the information quite quickly.

An example of this would be the “If Then” open, I like to start some of my articles out like this:

“If you are a pro wrestler and are looking for tips to up your game then this is the article for you…”

I pumped out the above sentence in about 7-9 seconds and it already totals 22 words. If you can find someone else’s system or develop your own for each part of writing an article you’ll be well on your way to writing 7 minute articles.

Tip 2: Get good at research. Researching is a vital key to article development, the faster you are at pulling out the needed information from other people’s work the faster you will be at article writing.

A big part of this is knowing where to look for the information that you need to put into your article. An example of speeding up your research would be to learn to use the “site:” command in the google search engine with your keyword as the modifier or using the google blog search for topics.

Tip 3: Write a lot. I know this seems obvious but the more you train your brain to write the easier it will be.

Experts say that it takes around 21 days to form a new habit so keep on writing! The more you practice the better you’ll get.

I know these three quick tips have the potential to help you out but the real key to pumping out articles in 7 minutes is actually practicing. So get out there, pick your niche and start writing!

For More Information On Writing Articles In 7 Minutes Click Here

Info Product Killer Review – Does It Still Work?

Are you looking to get the real scoop on if Info Product Killer is still worth it?

Info Product KillerIf so you’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to share my results of trying Info Product Killer out for the last couple of months…

Info Product Killer or IPK as it’s better known came out around 2 years ago and had a large launch behind it.  I remember it well because I thought I didn’t need anymore courses so I didn’t purchase it.  A lot of people in a forum I was a member of and even Warrior Forum were having tremendous success with it, so the hype wasn’t without due.

I regret not purchasing it back then, of course I probably still wouldn’t have put it to work even if I did purchase it because I was still in my Newbie buy everything apply nothing phase :)

What Is IPK?

IPK is a method of creating tightly focused mini sites around physical products on Amazon that rank extremely well in Google.  The original method was to optimize the site heavily using OPSEO as the creator Craig called it, which is short for On Page Search Engine Optimization and build a lot of sites.  This basically means making sure your site contains all of the On Page SEO factors that Google likes, therefore making your site rank highly.

Here’s an example of an IPK site:

Does IPK Still Work?

The short answer is Yes…

After I purchased IPK I went through it and religiously applied the OPSEO from the course to my first Info Product Killer Site.  The only thing I did different was use Xsitepro 2 instead of the included template which is very ugly and required manual code editing.  I believe it was indexed and ranked in about 2 weeks.  Since then I’ve built around 8 or 9 more sites using the IPK method and about half of them produce sales.

These aren’t blockbuster sales mind you, just affiliate commissions here and there.  Nothing too consistent, but this could be my fault in niche selection.

So Yes It Works!

Downside Of Infoproduct Killer

The problem with Info Product Killer is that Google is constantly changing their algorithms and there’s a good chance these smaller niche sites built exactly as said will go.

I think the OPSEO part of the course is killer because almost every one of my sites ranks on or near the first page without any backlinking and very little content, as soon as it gets indexed.  So there is tremendous value in that if you don’t already know On Page SEO.

The problem with the IPK strategy is that you are basically told to turn out thin affiliate sites.  They still work but I think you’d be better off using the method but modifying it slightly to focus on creating better sites that are more useful to the visitor and add value.

Another problem with the IPK website creation process is that there is no testing involved.  Everytime you create a site you are risking $12.00 for the domain and your time.  The time expenditure is still low but it’s still time spent that you can’t get back.

I’ve found an answer to this problem below…

Do I Recommend Purchasing IPK

This is a hard question because I got so much out of trying the IPK system.

I learned

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO or Backlink Building – I wanted to move my sites up from the bottom of page 1 to the top (This wasn’t learned through IPK but through more courses and reading…)
  • Fast and easy content creation

If you’re looking for a solid course on On Page SEO this is it, I think it helps a lot, and despite what others say about already knowing On Page SEO they probably don’t apply it like they should because it really helps.

If you’re looking for a solid business model to profit from Amazon I think it is a bit dated now.  While researching how to make my sites better I came across this thread in the WarriorForum put out by Neil V. which explains how he tests and profits from Amazon.

Since the thread did so well he made his own course on the subject which I would not hesitate to tell you to buy if you’re interested in promoting physical goods.

Learn More About The Simple Amazon System

Neils a great guy!

So to recap

  • Buy IPK if you need to learn OPSEO
  • Buy Neil’s course if you want to learn how to profit from Amazon using a slightly better method including testing
  • or ***Buy them both and combine the best parts***

7 Minute Article Review

If you’ve been looking through Jason Fladlien’s 7 Minute Articles Program and have some questions on it you’ve come to the right place. I purchased his 7 Minute Article system about a year to a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. I can honestly say it’s been indespensible to my business.

As you probably know content either text, video or audio is critical for your online business. Jason’s system shows you how to pump out high quality articles on demand on any subject you can imagine within 7 minutes flat.

Click Here To Check It Out

Tall order isn’t it?

At first I thought so too. My average article writing time was around 30 minutes, and I watched as other people would pump out article after article creating their own mini-net while I was still working on my first one. Then I came across Jason’s system, I purchased, mainly because I’m a purchasing addict, but it also filled a big need I had – Creating Relevant Content :)

I found out it works like gangbusters – and it really did increase my writing speed.

So What’s Included In 7 Minute Articles?

The course totals up to 5 videos walking you through each step of his system from an overview to actually writing an article in 7 minutes while you watch over his shoulder. He also includes 6 pdfs, 1 of which is the main manual and another which covers his indispensable system for turning 1 article into 8 (and no it doesn’t involve spinning them).


  • 14 Page Main Manual – Just the nuts and bolts for quick reference (most of the course is in demonstrated live).
  • 1 Article Into 8 – 14 Pages
  • Mystery Bonus 1 – 8 Pages
  • Mystery Bonus 2 – 16 Pages
  • Mystery Bonus 3 – 16 Pages

Video Instructions

  • Introduction and Overview Video -  8:36
  • Process Demonstration -  4:23
  • Over The Shoulder Demonstration – Writing An Article -  8:38
  • Digg Irresistable Headline Process – 5:25
  • 1 Article Into 8 – 18:39

Don’t worry about the 5 videos, Jason talks extremely fast and they’re short and to the point.

Without ruining the bonus package surprise which include the other pdf’s I’m just going to tell you that he really over delivers and you’ll like the package.

Who Should Buy?

I think this package is ideally created with the average internet marketer in mind.  Almost anyone can benefit from learning to write faster, and if you’re writing your own articles it will really help you.  If you’re writing for someone else it will definitely help you.

With that said…

Who Shouldn’t Buy

If you’re lazy and don’t want to put the effort in to actually write articles this isn’t for you, you’ll probably be better off outsourcing your articles instead of spending time writing them yourself.  You also shouldn’t buy it if your business model doesn’t include articles – I know it’s basic but it had to be said.

What’s The Cost

The cost for his system at the time of this writing is $37 which isn’t cheap but isn’t over priced either. I believe it is a fair value for what you get and you may even get the better side of the deal, because once you learn to pump out articles that quickly you could make the money back in just one hour writing for other Internet Marketers!

Click Here To Discover The Secrets Of Writing A 7 Minute Article

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